Would you like to Referee?

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Referee Classes 

Sign up today!
Visit CNRA Site, click this link to begin
Click "Sign Up for Courses"
Click "Grade 8 entry level course (online, class and field)
Navigate to Empire Soccer Club
Click on number of the course
It will request for "regular course"
Sign up as a brand new referee
Then, create your profile to complete
After completion make payment.
You should be all set now to become a referee!
Any questions, contact Daryl Brisgel @  daryl0629@gmail.com or 1-707-396-6427


Does your family love soccer?
How would you, your spouse, or your teenager like to contribute to the EMPIRE SOCCER CLUB, learn more about soccer, develop leadership skills, and earn a little money?  EMPIRE SOCCER CLUB is always looking for referees for the Fall soccer season. 
This is what new referees do:
       Attend a referee course in the summer to learn the rules, the hand and flag signals, and how to “run” a game;
       Get a nice, bright, colorful uniform;
       Start out refereeing the younger age groups where the pace and pressure levels are lower;
       Progress to older age groups and more competitive leagues as skill and experience levels increase;
       Earn up to $50 per game for being around the game of soccer and having fun!
This is what is required of you:
       You must attend a training course and pass the final test;
       You must be willing to be assertive and take charge of the games you referee
       You must be responsible and show up for the games that you agree to referee

To learn more about becoming a referee,