Picture Day Information for 2018

2018 Picture Day



Make-up Day is scheduled for Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

Our League Access Code is: so614318b. Direct all requests for missed photos and retakes to the REQUEST A MAKE-UP DAY Quick Link at www.shootingstarsphoto.com. We will build a list of everyone interested and keep them informed of all details.

Download the PDF with all make up day order information.

Each team’s photos will include a recap of players who were photographed.  Each player will receive an Order Recap that lists their order and an Access Code to view and reorder their photo online at www.shootingstarsphoto.com.


Please direct parents with questions about their orders to the PLACE ORDER CORRECTION Quick Link at www.shootingstarsphoto.com. This is the quickest way to ensure that our Customer Service department receives everything the need to know in order to resolve any issues. Alternatively, you may also direct parents to Customer Service at info@shootingstarsphoto.com or (800) 311-7784



*Check-in with your team 15 minutes before your photo time
*Assemble players in height order
*Make sure each player has their order form/Online Order Confirmation printout ready
Empire Soccer Club
Saturday, August 18, 2018 at A Place-to-Play Park
The camera flash reflects off vinyl banners leaving it unreadable. Teams assume responsibility for quality issues due to banner glare.
Division Gender Age
Team Name Contact
2:40 PM COMP Girls 2005 Heat Nacim Bravo
2:40 PM COMP Boys 2009 Flash Josh Lopez
12:15 PM COMP Girls 2010 Tsunami Dan Roberts
9:00 AM REC COED U06 Baracudas Erica Ziedler
9:10 AM REC COED U06 Dolphins Mika Holman
1:55 PM REC COED U06 Electric Eels Beejan Roohian
8:20 AM REC COED U06 Jellyfish Ryan Pelleriti
9:00 AM REC COED U06 Manatees Erin Jackson
8:30 AM REC COED U06 Marlins Robert Reece
8:40 AM REC COED U06 Orcas Morgan Jolley
10:25 AM REC COED U06 Otters Jamie Faull
12:05 PM REC COED U06 Sea Lions Eric Constantine
9:35 AM REC COED U06 Seahorses Melissa Patten Barbieri
1:05 PM REC COED U06 Seals David Fowler
9:50 AM REC COED U06 Sharks Josh Darrimon
8:10 AM REC COED U06 Sting Rays Zoe Bagala
9:35 AM REC BOYS U08 Aftershock Heath Hutchinsen
2:10 PM REC BOYS U08 Avalanche Amanda Allen
11:00 AM REC BOYS U08 Cyclones Carla Galang-Lopez
12:15 PM REC BOYS U08 Earthquakes Brandon Ingram
8:20 AM REC BOYS U08 Fire Patti Johnson
11:40 AM REC BOYS U08 Freeze Kevin Power
1:20 PM REC BOYS U08 Heat Armando Ponce
8:10 AM REC BOYS U08 Hurricanes Steven Shira
10:25 AM REC BOYS U08 Lightning Carlos Castaneda
10:00 AM REC BOYS U08 Riptide Esmerelda Guerrero
8:30 AM REC BOYS U08 Storm Nate Swain
8:50 AM REC BOYS U08 Thunder Matt Park
9:10 AM REC BOYS U08 Tsunami Lee Cooper
10:35 AM REC GIRLS U08 Crush Jeremy Depp
10:00 AM REC GIRLS U08 Dash Robert Reihl
11:05 AM REC GIRLS U08 Epic Greg Newton
10:15 AM REC GIRLS U08 Flash Oscar Acosta
2:10 PM REC GIRLS U08 Fury Andrew Hand
9:45 AM REC GIRLS U08 Pride Tanye Quijano
9:20 AM REC GIRLS U08 Reign Robert Reece
9:20 AM REC GIRLS U08 Spirit Tiffani Rost
10:15 AM REC GIRLS U08 Stars Megan Condron
2:00 PM REC GIRLS U08 Surge Casey London
9:45 AM REC GIRLS U08 Thorns Bryan Antonich
9:25 AM REC BOYS U10 Atlanta United Sara Herrera
10:35 AM REC BOYS U10 Columbus Crew Justin Buck
12:20 PM REC BOYS U10 DC United Greg Murphy
1:30 PM REC BOYS U10 FC Dallas Dan Heuer
11:50 AM REC BOYS U10 Minnesota United Jean Couderc
9:25 AM REC BOYS U10 NE Revolution Erin Jackson
2:00 PM REC BOYS U10 NY Red Bulls Mez Roohian
10:10 AM REC BOYS U10 Orlando City Shyam Nagasrinivasa
8:50 AM REC BOYS U10 Philadelphia Union Stephen Bussell
8:40 AM REC BOYS U10 Sac Republic Tony Adan
12:20 PM REC BOYS U10 Sporting KC Gary Navarro
2:20 PM REC BOYS U10 Toronto FC Cody Walker
11:50 AM REC GIRLS U10 Colorado Rapids Johnathan Smith
2:20 PM REC GIRLS U10 Houston Dynamos Adam Brand
1:35 PM REC GIRLS U10 Montreal Impact Bria Walker
10:40 AM REC GIRLS U10 Port Timbers Kornell Meyer
10:10 AM REC GIRLS U10 Real Salt Lake Kristin Steurle
12:05 PM REC GIRLS U10 Seattle Sounders Kevin Power
8:00 AM REC GIRLS U10 SJ Earthquakes Ryan Patterson
9:50 AM REC GIRLS U10 Utah Royals Robert Reece
12:30 PM REC GIRLS U10 Vancouver Whitecaps Jared Cooley
11:55 AM REC BOYS U12 Arsenal Gunners Martin Puga
2:25 PM REC BOYS U12 Everton Adam Mace
10:50 AM REC BOYS U12 Leicester City Foxes Patrick Conneely
1:35 PM REC BOYS U12 Liverpool Israel Camacho
10:40 AM REC BOYS U12 Manchester City Oscar Acosta
12:45 PM REC BOYS U12 Manchester United Gary Navarro
12:40 PM REC BOYS U12 NewCastle Jason King
12:55 PM REC BOYS U12 Tottenham Hotspurs Ruben Mejia
11:55 AM REC GIRLS U12 AC Milan Johnny Sarraf
11:05 AM REC GIRLS U12 Fiorentina Brett Craig
1:45 PM REC GIRLS U12 Juventus Conan White
2:25 PM REC GIRLS U12 Napoli Dan Hackett
12:40 PM REC GIRLS U12 Roma Dan Roberts
1:20 PM REC BOYS U14 Barcelona Ruben Mejia
12:45 PM REC BOYS U14 Deportivo Shannon Webb
1:45 PM REC BOYS U14 Real Betis Kelly Back
2:30 PM REC BOYS U14 Real Madrid Jim Gray
12:55 PM REC GIRLS U14 Atletico Madrid Nate Kinser
8:00 AM REC GIRLS U14 Sevilla Dustin Simpson
2:30 PM REC GIRLS U14 Valencia Chris Sotak
1:55 PM REC GIRLS U14 Villa Real Lisa Godleski
12:30 PM REC GIRLS U16 Liverpool Elizabeth Young
2:45 PM REC GIRLS U16 Tottenham Robert Boyd
2:45 PM REC COED U19 Mustangs Tim Wilson