Practice and Game Schedule

For Game (and practice) scheduling:

1. Pick a date, time and location that is not filled. 

2. Email Cari Moore at carimoore13@gmail.com and give her your specific request (team name and age group, # players on field, date, time and field location). 

3. Wait to either hear from her or check back here to see if your game has been scheduled. 

4. Please complete all games prior to May 21.

5. Austin Creek is used for 7v7 teams, and Skyhawk (east field) is used for 9v9 teams. 

6. Rincon Valley Park can be used on Saturdays only. P2P 3 is can be used on Sundays only

7. No home games allowed on Oct 13/14 During City Cup. There are not enough Refs. 

 Practice Schedule (requests taken)